"I’ve taken 14 startups from
$0 - $2M ARR.

See how in my book - Validate First."

Rated the top mentor for the world’s largest startup accelerator, Trevor Longino shares tips on how he’s successfully launched 14 startups from $0-$2M ARR. In his book, Validate First, you get repeatable frameworks to help you successfully launch your startup. Test your offer, validate your audience and get your startup off the ground with Validate First.

Learning from Trevor:

“Trevor’s disciplined and structured approach to achieving growth is a breath of fresh air. He is a master at breaking down complex topics and making them accessible.” – Jonathan Greechan, Co-founder @ Founder’s Institute

“For me the most useful part was probably the tooling, because I’m at the very beginning and from it’s very hard to know what should I I used to try to measure and if I’m going in the right direction and and so on. The other part for me was the quantity part and the calculations – how you evaluate them.”
– Alejandro Sellero, CTO & founder of early stage startup

“Having the the discipline to say ‘OK, this isn’t right, we need to fix this’ Or if we can’t fix this, this isn’t the right project.’ I like that reality check through the process.” – Malcom Adams, CEO & Founder of pre-launch startup

“I like the structure so you have. A playbook basically and step by step to get through you know growth, building audience, getting constructive action and measuring it at the end. It was really interesting.” – Ronnie Rampersad, First-time CRO at seed-funded startup.

The strategies in this book launched startups to $2M ARR. It can do so for you too.

Learn strategy and tactics to validate your idea.

Get practical steps on how to go-to-market successfully.

How to successfully build and launch experiments to test messaging, audience and offer.

Why Trevor?

  • Trevor is the most awarded mentor of the largest global startup accelerator- Founder’s Institute.
  • He has taken 14 startups to $2M annual recurring revenue (ARR).
  • He’s successfully launched over 50 startups as CMO.
  • Founder of CrowdTamers.com, an 8-person team that’s collectively launched 12 startups to $750K in its first 18 months.
  • 3 of these startups have raised $13MM combined in 2022.
Trevor is passionate about building successful businesses and has mentored over 200 startups. Validate First is a collection of the tips that have worked to launch several startups successfully over the years.

“Because I’m gonna be honest Trevor, when I just saw, I saw your presentation on FI – the thing you just did. I got so excited.” – Dave Williams

“I think the most valuable thing was that you can check your market and your customers before entering the market.I’ve done this for seven years and I made my mistakes, expensive mistakes. You could have saved me then.” – Julia Chruscielewska

“I started rethinking how to know the audience better, what of audience I want to target and how to get that information early on – so I know how to fix my product.” – Ruth Mwaku

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