The roadmap every startup founder needs to validate that idea

This book contains the roadmap & the tactics that launched 13 businesses successfully to $2M ARR. 

‘Validate First’ is filled with tested and trusted tactics for testing your ideas before you launch. Learn, with detailed steps, how to launch your business idea successfully in just 1 week.

“Great actionable insights here. Very generous of you to show us the behind-the-scenes of scaling” – Alexandre Phillipe, Founder

Get answers to all your pressing startup questions

Get answers to all your pressing startup questions

Guessing is expensive. Test your audience, the problem, and your offer. Use data to position your startup for success; right from the start.

Cover all the bases

The devil is in the details. From setting up ad channels & Google Analytics to getting your writing right, Validate First covers everything – leaving no stone unturned.

Test before you launch

Whether you’re looking to launch or pivot, Validate First saves your precious resources, teaching you how to and what to test before you launch.

Learn faster than you’ve ever learnt before

is for

Start-up founders who want to launch that next big thing

Start-up founders looking to find new customers and pivot

“Some gold nuggets here from @TrevorLongino 💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥
– Brian Leung, Founder

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