We build million-dollar marketing engines.

Ever met an agency that guarantees its results and also charges a one time fee? Would you like to? 👇

The “how do I grow?” agency

We’ve launched a 15 startups to more than $3 Million ARR. Our Million Dollar Funnel approach to quantifiably tests & proves what you need to grow to $1MM ARR and beyond.

GTM meets Growth Hacking.

A successful business is built on your positioning and understanding of your customer. We are experts in iterating your marketing message & targeting until you know that your product is going to be a hit and then scale it up.

Tame the crowd

There are hundreds, thousands, or even millions of people out there who would be delighted if they only really understood what your business does. So why don’t you take a test-based approach to building a million dollar marketing engine in 9 weeks?

CrowdTamers Grow To Market Process

CrowdTamers Grow To Market Process



Learn who wants to buy from you backed by data and start answering your most important scaling questions in just 48 hours after we launch.



Building on the lessons from the brand positioning phase of grow to market, CrowdTamers will take 3 – 5 months optimizing and scaling revenue channels to create dependable & predictable growth.



Once positioning is solid & you’ve optimized for performance, CrowdTamers helps build and scale operations and teams to set your startup for success in the long term.

Client Testimonials

Tom Nassr
Tom NassrCEO, XRay.Tech
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Trevor can understand the goals of a business and extract the marketing tactics required to launch and grow. I highly recommend Trevor and CrowdTamers
Saied Arbebian
Saied ArbebianCEO, SkedPal
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Seth Godin's book talks about how "All Marketers are liars" [but Trevor] is very direct and honest about how to grow.
Malcolm Adams
Malcolm AdamsCEO, TangoRide
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I don't think I've ever heard a marketer talk before about the need to honor the data...knowing what pass / fail gates tell you that your startup can succeed in early days is a gamechanger.
Inbar Yagur
Inbar YagurCMO, GrowthSpace
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The only performance marketing [agency] I've worked with in 20 years who actually cares about the whole problem, not just their ads.
  Stanislav Stepanov
Stanislav StepanovFounder @ Telepourter
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Trevor Longino makes markets doors open for early stage startups and not only for them.
Dane Maxwell
Dane MaxwellFounder & CEO at ResultsJam
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Trevor is a F$@%ing genius.
GTM: Create your positioning statement in 30 minutes

GTM: Create your positioning statement in 30 minutes

I’ve created a tool to let you write your first positioning statement & your first landing page in 30 minutes, even if you’re a complete newbie at marketing. One of the cool things I’ve been learning with prompt engineering recently is that you can condense decades of experience into something that someone can press a…

How to write long-form content with ChatGPT

How to write long-form content with ChatGPT

AI content is everywhere and it’s even taken social media by storm. Here are some examples of viral articles that you didn’t know AI created: AI tools are a game changer for startups and businesses everywhere as it speeds up your processes. In this blog, we’re going to take you through all the steps to…

Why Should You Validate Your Idea First?

Why Should You Validate Your Idea First?

Before you invest time and money into that idea or product feature, yo have to validate first. Find out why you should validate and steps to take when validating your idea.

Launch your startup Workshop Week 1

Launch your startup Workshop Week 1

💡 I’ve seen plenty of great founders build and launch micro startups as a way to try many different ideas and see what sticks. I’m not a builder, though: I’m a marketer. So I had an absolutely insane idea to start off 2023. I’m not going to build 3 startups in Q1 and launch them…

prepping your go-to-market experiment part 2

Prepping your first Go-to-Market experiment (Part 2)

Dear Founder, here’s a quick recap from our previous conversation, where we spoke about running your first go-to-market experiment: One – Research is essential to running a successful first go-to-market experiment. Two – Your research should cover three main parts: The market, the potential audience, and your competitors. With all this in place, you’re ready to…


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We bat .100

We bat .100? Don’t we mean we bat 1000? No, because we don’t pretend that every experiment makes revenue. But we’re disciplined, creative, and we never give up, so if you need high-quality relentless marketing experimentation, we’re your Huckleberry. Sound good?

Big shoutout to @TrevorLongino! Great actionable insights on customer development. Very generous on showing his behind the scene consulting practice + a nice touch of Leonardo Da Vinci inventiveness 🙂ALEXANDRE PHILIPPEFounder, BuddyUp.cc

So, you’ve built smth. It has X, Y, Z features. How do you know which one is the most valuable to your leads? Also, have you got your customers right? What if there’s a better target audience? To answer all these questions you need a week, $300, @TrevorLongino’s Million Follar Funnel framework!Ana BibikovaFounder, ALSMarkLtd

We’ve wrapped up our first round of #buildinginpublic tests for Trappr. We’re following @crowdtamers Grow to Market series of experiments & it’s taught us an incredible amount about how to position our first SaaS. Adam WeilerFounder and CEO, Sunken Stone