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Building a top of funnel test campaign on Facebook

Need to build a campaign to validate your first startup idea? You’ll want to build a top of funnel marketing test to drive clicks to the new landing page. If you’ve never bought a Facebook ad campaign before, don’t worry: there are just a few steps. There are thousands of blog posts that talk about

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How to position your brand wrong in 3 easy steps

Almost everyone I talk to has positioned their business incorrectly. This sounds crazy, right? What are you doing in business, if you don’t have a unique position to your company? In the last 6 months I’ve gone on deep dives with more than 30 companies, talking about their market positioning, what makes their brand special,

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Content Marketing Playbook

Growth Hacking with is a great tool for sending outbound cold prospecting emails, but I like to use it for more than that. The fundamental way it works is you spend a “credit” to get access to a contact’s email address & other info. Once you’ve spent that credit, though, there’s a lot more you can do

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I’m gonna give the key idea to CrowdTamers as a business away here as a thanks for reading this far. You can boil all good marketing down to 2 ideas: content and growth. CrowdTamers specializes in using content to discover how to build a growth engine. Sound interesting? Let’s chat!