Defining Your Audience If you’re a company that produces punched metal widgets, you need to know who it is that is looking for your product. If you’ve got a website that you’ve kept for a while, and you’ve been using analytics to measure your audience as they come and go, congratulations! You probably know who your audience is right now. If not, we’ll need to do some work to figure out who it is that you need to be talking to.  First up, who are your competitors?  Pick the most successful... (more...)

Making great content is the key to making Internet marketing–of any sort–work for you. And let’s face it: most of the content out on the Internet is crap. In order to help you understand just what it is that you need to do in order to make your content excel and get you more customers, CrowdTamers has created a 10 part series for you on how to plan and execute superior content. 1. Know Where You’re Going: Before you can build your brand into an unstoppable juggernaut of content... (more...)

Slides for today’s OMS Orlando talk

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If you land on this page today, odds are decent that you came here because you heard me talk at OMS Orlando. Welcome!  For your convenience, here are the slides from today’s talk, embedded from Slideshare. Test Your Marketing Message For Free (Almost!) If you liked the workshop that I taught at OMS and would like to be emailed when my next series of Internet marketing classes starts in a few weeks, please feel free to sign up for my email list, and I’ll be happy to let you know. Please... (more...)

Has CrowdTamers Gone Mad?

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In short, no. But we *are* having a sale, here. We’ve dropped our prices on our workshops about 20% for the next few months, and we’ve cut our email management prices something like 80% from what they were. That’s a crazy number, but what can a guy do? Check out the new pricing information at our services and pricing page.  Sorry for the (blatant) commercial message; we’ll resume our more traditional educational posts soon.  Read More →

That’s quite a headline there.  Point is, I’ll be the guy with the mic, asking all the hard questions. I’ve prepared a list of them, and I’m posting them here for the panelists to review before the meeting so they’ll know what kinds of questions I think Bill Segal could benefit from hearing us answer.  If you want to follow the conversation online, we’ll be tweeting about it Friday from 2.30 under the hashtag #SegalChat. To clarify: Bill Segal is not an Internet... (more...)

I’ve had more than a few interested pings from people I’ve been meeting at networking events about how they should undertake implementing a social media plan for their company, especially if they have a conservative organization.  When I teach my coursework on social media, there’s a reason why it lies so close to the end of a session: it’s a relatively advanced tactic, and one that isn’t going to work for you before you already have everything prior to it performing... (more...)

Upgrading to WP 3.0

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So if everything is broken for a bit, my apologies. I figure I should try it out here before I upgrade all of my clients’ blogs.  Read More →

So I heartily recommend that you give them a listen if you live in Orlando.  I’ll be speaking about the 7 tools that you can use to grow your Internet presence (Social Media Shift, yes), and will be on air with a old co-worker and buddy of mine Dan Bordui.  I can only hope that you’ll be educated by our radio presentation.  I’ll post the link to the online version when it’s up, which will likely be the middle of next week.  Read More →

I got into a conversation the other day with someone who was using “Push and Pull” marketing interchangeably with “Interruption vs. Permission” marketing.  I don’t think these things are quite the same, and since I’ll use both of these terms when I’m speaking to someone, I figured that I should toss this out there and see if you guys agree with me on this: Push vs. Pull The MBA definition of push marketing would say it’s a top-down marketing where... (more...)

I was asked by an acquaintance at a doterati meeting a few weeks ago how to prove value for a social media campaign that had already been completed and for which the usual tracking that I’d recommend wasn’t in place. It took a moment to devise a way to show the value that a social media campaign had created for a brand, but I ended up with these 7 steps. As a firm believer in “working smart” instead of “working hard”, have edited that email a bit and now present... (more...)