Author: Ritvik Dubey

cold email copywriting

The no B.S. Guide to cold email copywriting

I previously wrote about how I use simple, straightforward subject lines and pretargeting to achieve open rates of ~35%. Those same principles are largely applicable to writing good, customer-centric copy as well. The short version of that article was: 1. Be clear, not salesy.  There’s an art to cold email copywriting. Instead of relying on

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cold email CRM using Google sheets

Your first cold email CRM should be Google Sheets. Really.

You might think you need to spend big bucks on software like SalesForce, Base, Hubspot, and so on for your first cold email CRM.  You don’t. I promise. Believe it or not, Google Sheets has everything you need for your first cold email CRM.  I’ve used Google Sheets to set up Account Based Marketing (ABM)

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Open rates
Lead Generation

Step-by-Step Guide to >35% Open Rates

One of my clients in the pharmaceutical industry told me she receives upwards of 200 emails a day. A well-written, personalized email matters, but only if your prospect actually opens it. The absolute deluge of spam leads some to resort to rather desperate attempts for clicks and that can greatly affect your open rates. “Hey,

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