Build, Iterate, and Scale your Startup to $2 Million ARR


I give webinars from time to time. Here’s a short one about one of the core elements of what I’m trying to accomplish at CrowdTamers; the systems and thinking needed to build, iterate, and scale a startup from $0 to $2 million a year in revenue.

I’ve done it more than dozens of times, so while a 20 minute hardly encompasses everything I know about the subject, it’ll hopefully serve as a good map of the territory as you’re on your journey to build your startup.

This webinar covers the journey and the decisions your lead must make (and your marketing & product must conduct your lead through):

  1. Customer journey
    1. Attracting new leads
      1. First touch
      2. Visit to your site
      3. Considering your value prop
    2. Converting the sale
      1. The buy decision
      2. Onboarding new customers
      3. Getting your customers to actually use you
    3. Retention
      1. The second purchase
      2. Upselling / cross selling
      3. Word of mouth marketing

Check it out, and let me know if you have any questions!

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I’m gonna give the key idea to CrowdTamers as a business away here as a thanks for reading this far. You can boil all good marketing down to 2 ideas: content and growth. CrowdTamers specializes in using content to discover how to build a growth engine. Sound interesting? Let’s chat!