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Lead Generation

You’re probably losing money on Google Ads. Here’s why.

Like a lot of founders, your Google Ad campaigns probably lose you money every day. There’s a reason why: you haven’t set them up properly. Here’s how you fix it. The problem comes from 3 common problems: When you first dive into Google Ads, the platform’s account hierarchy can seem daunting. But understanding and mastering

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How to survive the 3-year cliff.

Most businesses fail after 3 years because the founders’ initial networks can no longer deliver enough new leads. It doesn’t have to be that way. If you’ve found yourself in that slough of despond, or if you’re 2 years in and think that your business is going to keep growing happily without any further work

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I’m gonna give the key idea to CrowdTamers as a business away here as a thanks for reading this far. You can boil all good marketing down to 2 ideas: content and growth. CrowdTamers specializes in using content to discover how to build a growth engine. Sound interesting? Let’s chat!