You’re losing money if you’re not using Facebook’s Advanced Ad Reports

Facebook’s Advanced Ad Reports (1)

If you spent $1,000 on Facebook ads in the last month and you haven’t looked at advanced reports? You’ve left at least $300 lying on the ground.

Advanced reports are key to getting the highest value you can out of your ad account.

But most founders and new marketers don’t even know about it. Which is crazy, because it unearths incredible insights in minutes.

Here’s 3 big features of FB Advanced reporting:

  1. Breakdowns: Dissect your campaign data using filters: age, gender, location, device, and placement, and more. This granular view shows the truth of which ads are your best. It also shows where you’re wasting cash.
  2. Audience Insights: Go beyond the basic demographic information. Audience Insights offers in-depth data about your audience’s interests. What are their behaviors, and how do they interact with your content? Learn more here.
  3. Creative Reporting: See the performance of individual ad creatives. It’s no secret that Facebook does a lot of automation under the hood. When you unpack it here with creative reporting, you understand what’s actually happening. Learn with your dollars. Get better at writing and designing great ads. And do it all with advanced reports.

Let’s talk about campaign breakdowns & custom reports.

Analyzing ad performance by region is a superpower. It tells you what countries, regions, and even cities engage with your ads. A campaign with a rubbish global performance may have fantastic performance in one region. And if you don’t look at advanced reports, you’ll never know and you’ll miss out.

Wouldn’t you like to know how to find this?

1. Go to your custom reports.

Go to and select your account. Select your campaign, and then on the sidebar, update dial into the relevant geography you want to study. You can check by country, region, or city. This detailed view shows where your ads work best. It guides where you should focus your ad budget. Check this out to see more about how we recommend you use Facebook Advanced reports:

2. Analyze Audience Insights

A few things you want to learn:

  1. What geos saw the highest click through rate (CTR)
  2. What geos saw the highest conversions?
  3. What trends can I draw from these?

People’s device usage, content engagement, and purchases vary by location. Look for trends in these differences.

Detailed Customization of the Report

The customization process is where the magic happens. Here, you can tailor your report to focus on specific aspects of your ad campaigns:

  • Adding Ad ID for Each Ad Set: This allows for a granular look at the performance of individual ads within each set.
  • Further Breakdown by Country: Understanding geographic performance can highlight where your ads resonate the most.
  • Adding Key Metrics: Including metrics such as cost per link click, link clicks, link click-through rate (CTR), and unique CTR gives you a comprehensive view of your ad performance. Meanwhile, it’s also crucial to omit metrics that might not be relevant to your current analysis, such as attribution settings, delivery, frequency, and schedule, to keep the report focused and actionable.

Analysis and Interpretation of Report Data

With your customized report, you can begin to analyze the data in depth.

There’s a difference between CTR and unique CTR. Pay attention to this. It will help you understand how often people engage with your ads. Analysis of performance by location shows which countries or regions respond best to your campaigns. Often, you’ll find a campaign works well in some areas and not in others. Next time, run your ads with a geographic limitation to those areas.

3. Create Custom Reports

Create a series of custom reports to make this easier. You can create a custom dashboard in a few moments. Include metrics such as reach, impressions, click-through rate (CTR), conversion rate, and cost per action (CPA) by location. Compare these metrics across different regions to identify patterns, spot hidden winning trends, and make more money on each ad dollar spent.

Once you’re happy with it, save it for easy access in the future. Choosing the right breakdowns is essential. When opting for ad creative as a breakdown, you might find no results due to how Facebook categorizes creatives. Focusing on campaign name, ad set name, ad ID, and geographic breakdowns can provide a clearer report. Usually. 😛

4. Segment by Geo

When analyzing, categorize audiences by location for ads. Customize ads for regional preferences. Create campaigns that connect with locals using language and culture.

6. Test and Optimize

Use A/B testing to try out different ad variations for different geographical regions. This can help you fine-tune your approach to each market, ensuring that your ads are as effective as possible. Keep a close eye on how these localized ads perform over time and adjust your strategy based on real-time data.

7. Keep in mind Seasonal and Local Events

Incorporate local events, holidays, or seasons into your ad campaigns! This will make them more relevant and increase engagement. Create campaigns around events that are important in certain regions. They tap into local audience interests.

You’ve been wasting money on unoptimized spend. Advanced reporting gives you the map to stop doing that.

Go forth and make more money. 🙂

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