Tell a story if you want to sell


I had a late night chat with a founder last night. (Well, technically this morning. My daughter kept me up ’till 2 am. :P)

He was struggling to figure out how to sell his product. He is in the conversational UI space, and he was able to get leads from LinkedIn and Facebook easily enough, but nothing was converting.

I checked out his website and spotted the problem immediately. No wonder, I said. Your site’s offer is all about you, not about your user. “Create a bot in 10 minutes” was their headline.

Who cares about “Create a bot in 10 minutes?” Do you need a chatbot? Do I? Of course not. I need solutions to my business problems. I need more revenue. I need a happier life.

And I don’t need a generic answer. I won’t believe you if you say, “This solution works for everyone!”

Tell me you’ve made something just for me. Tell me you sweated and cried and bled to make a thing that is tailor made for me.

When you tell a story, people want to hear what’s next. They want to know how the story ends. Tell a story. Make your customer the hero of it.

If you build your product correctly, the story ends with them.


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