How and why AI content tools can help early-stage startup founders

AI content tools

Artificial intelligence has broken the boundaries of the technology world to become a focus for businesses of every stripe. Articles on the business benefits of AI regularly feature in publications devoted to any and every industry. Small-business owners reading all the ink on AI may think, “That’s great for the big guys, but there’s no way I can afford to set up or use AI.” But they’re very likely wrong about that. Especially AI content tools.

You don’t need an in-house IT team or deep tech skills to realize AI’s productivity boosts and cost savings in today’s market. Existing tools and low-code platforms make tapping into the power of AI an achievable goal for businesses of any size and expertise. And you might be surprised at AI’s flexibility—there’s much more AI can do for your business beyond powering a website chatbot.

So what are the ways for a founder of an early-stage startup to leverage the power of AI?

AI ensures marketing automation

AI automates your marketing efforts. AI-powered tools help boost content creation, set up digital campaigns, and manage email marketing.

Using AI tools, you can discover ideas and tailor content to a different audience.

AI is the best ally for startups aiming to tap into a broader audience. Digital ad campaigns powered by AI mean that you only need to create the ads, and the machine will do the rest. The tools can take over marketing activities like media buying, audience segmentation, cross-channel marketing, testing, and analysis.

We asked an AI to write a blog for us about whether AIs can write a meaningful blog. The results are surprising! Check for yourself.

AI will help you with your email strategy, too. You can set up personalized campaigns and achieve better responses by making forecasts about customer behavior. AI is a valuable tool for improving your personalized email efforts and sending tailored offers to customers. This way, you can enjoy an increased open rate and higher conversion rate.

Transcribe your presentations

Creating marketing content can take a lot of time and often isn’t the top priority of small businesses. An AI-based speech-to-text tool is a very efficient way to create white papers and articles. This generates great written content from any recorded presentation done at a tradeshow or during a webinar.

AI improves customer experience

According to American Express, over 40% of clients expect fast customer service. That’s quite obvious. Today, all businesses are centered around customers, and your business depends on how you treat your customers. More so, companies with quick and effective customer support in place usually have the upper hand over the competition.

AI can help you with establishing convenient customer support.

Many startups are using AI tools that can handle common queries quickly. In addition to a fast response, chatbots can also answer these questions and address the problems:

  • What are the common complaints?
  • What is the customer’s age location?
  • What do they prefer?
  • Provide tailored offers and discounts
  • Solve problems in real-time, a guide to relevant FAQ or articles in the blog

The better and more information you feed to the chatbot, the better the chatbot will be trained. With a powerful customer-facing chatbot, you can meet a customer’s needs, which matters a lot to business growth, be it an offshoring service company or a retail provider.

AI can help your organization reach its potential. After all, every organization wants to grow the top line, and AI can be instrumental in this journey.

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