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How to set up a Google Ad Account – 101 guide

Google Ads are used to help businesses increase their customer base and revenue, but the process of setting it up can be daunting. We will take a look at what Google ads do, how they are helpful for business owners today, as well as provide an easy-to-follow guide on creating your first ad campaign!

How to set up your Google Ad Account

  • Login to Google Ads homepage.
  • Click on Get Started button in the middle of the page or the top right-hand corner.
  • If you’re sent to your dashboard, click on + New Campaign.

Please note, we are creating up a new campaign only to set up the ad account. We won’t actually push the campaign live.

  • You’ll then need to choose your campaign goal. Click Next.
  • Give your business name and click Next.
  • Add your website’s URL under Your Website and click Next.
  • Select whether most of your traffic is Desktop traffic or Mobile traffic. Click Next.
  • Now write your ad, and click Next.
  • Add the relevant keywords and click Next.Select where you want to target your ad. Once all the locations are selected, click Next.
  • Set a budget, and click Next.
  • Review your campaign and click Next.
  • Now add your Credit Card details and click Submit.

How to add users to help you manage your Google ad account

  • Log in to your Google Ad Account:
  • In your dashboard, under Tools & Settings, click Access and Security.
  • Click on + to add a new user
  • Enter the email addresses of the users you want to add. Give them the required Access to manage the ad account.
  • Once done, click Send Invitation.

Let’s advertise on Google

There are multiple ways to advertise on Google.

If this is your first time advertising, read on to get a very hand-holding process that will help you easily set up your first Google ad.

  • Login to Google Ads homepage.
  • From your dashboard, click on Campaigns → Click +
  • Click on New Campaign.
  • Select the Goal that you wish to achieve. Click Continue.
  • Select the type of Campaign you wish to run. Click Continue.
  • Enter the Campaign details such as Website Link, Campaign name, and click Continue.Enter your Campaign settings- Location, Language, Device, etc., and click Next.
  • Enter your Budget & Bidding details and click Next.
  • Enter the detailed Ad Targeting and click Next.
  • Now craft your Ad Creatives, Headlines, Description, URL. Click Create Ad.
  • Click Create Ad. Click Next. Add more ad groups if you want.
  • Once finished, review and click Publish.

Hurrah! You have successfully created your first ad campaign.

Now that you know how to set up your Google Ads & run a campaign, what’s next?

You could use our system to generate infinite iterations of your ads (, follow our million dollar funnel to generate ads that will help you position your product, (💲-arr-acquisition-funnel-in-9-weeks/), or use our Growth Marketing Command Center to create and manage a whole system of experiments (

If you have any feedback or questions, please leave a comment in the section below.

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