Your Brand Sucks (If you don’t do these 5 things)


For the last 6 years, I’ve taught a workshop in various forms that I now call “Your Brand Sucks (if you don’t do these 5 things)” on 3 different continents. It’s usually a 4 – 6 hour workshop, but I recently recorded it as a 30 minute webinar for marketing / agency networking community Communo.

This short webinar covers how to:

  1. Find your unique, valuable, and remarkable differentiator against the competition, even in a crowded field.
  2. Establish an aspirational vision for what makes you different.
  3. Set a company goal (and don’t call it a mission statement, please)
  4. Solve a hard problem and explain how you do it to attract the right kind of leads for you
  5. Define your audience–who your brand serves and who they *do not serve*, and let that guide your product / service.

Questions? Hit me up on Twitter @trevorlongino or drop me an email and let’s chat. 🙂

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I’m gonna give the key idea to CrowdTamers as a business away here as a thanks for reading this far. You can boil all good marketing down to 2 ideas: content and growth. CrowdTamers specializes in using content to discover how to build a growth engine. Sound interesting? Let’s chat!