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Git Gud at Growth Marketing with this Notion Dashboard

I’ve mentioned that CrowdTamers as an agency is run off of Notion plenty of times on Twitter. A few people have asked on Twitter, IndieHackers, and elsewhere exactly how I’m doing it, and I have been saying for months that I’ll get around to showing how I do it.

Well, I’ve finally done it. 🙂

Rather than walk you through the system and let you build it yourself, I’ve spent much of the last two weeks cleaning up our internal systems so you can make use of our Growth Marketing Command Center yourself. Let’s take a quick glance at what’s inside:

What we’ve been writing about in the blog recently has all tied to the Growth Marketing Command Center (aka the GMCC):

I’ve wrapped up these guides on strategy and execution into a product that guides you through each step of the building and running a growth marketing practice. Inside you’ll get tools for planning, executing, and reporting on your growth marketing. We connect our reporting dashboard back into our planning & brainstorming systems so that reports become an active part of your business instead of just a passive resource of info.

Here’s what we have in the GMCC

Planning Your Growth

– OKR Planning
– Brainstorming
PIER Scoring
– Scheduling


Task Planning

  • Designing Ads
    – Copywriting for Ads
    – Ad Design System
    – Making variants of your value prop
  • Creating & Buying Ads
    – Link Generator
    – Buying Facebook Ads for GMCS
    – Buying Twitter Ads for GMCS
    – Buying LinkedIn ads for GMCS
  • Lessons Archive
    – Lessons Database
  • Project Reports
    – Project 1 Reporting
    – Project 2 Reporting
  • Weekly Reports
    – Weekly Ad Reports

We’ve already got a request to add in a write up how to buy Reddit Ads, and we’ll continue to modify and improve on the basics here as more people use the GMCC and give feedback on what we’re doing.

For the first 10 buyers, the GMCC will be just $19, after which we’ll slowly bring the price up in $5 increments until we’re at $39. So act fast to pick up your copy of the GMCC now! 🙂

Get the GMCC!

If you have any questions or feedback on what we’ve built, hit us up on Twitter and let us know!

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