Use AI tools like a pro

Use AI tools like a pro

The Artificial Intelligence boom is happening worldwide, and it’s accelerating quickly. It is set to transform all aspects of our lives – including our workplaces, homes, and vehicles — from cars to robots to medicine. AI tools will have significant repercussions for society, as AI performs many tasks that, until now, have been done by humans.

From a marketing point of view, we at CrowdTamers love AI. But AI still can’t deliver the quality work that a human can. It needs someone to clean the bits and pieces.

As a marketer, there are many ways to use AI tools. AI can perform all these tasks with a few clicks, from content generation to marketing automation.

In this blog, we will talk about a few ways to use AI tools like a pro and save yourself time and money.

Content Generation

Content generation is an integral part of marketing. It’s important to have a content strategy that ensures you’re generating relevant enough, high-quality content to drive traffic and engagement. But going through the process of hiring a copywriter, paying ’em a decent amount of salary costs time and money. And if you are a founder of an early-stage startup, there’s a good chance you can’t afford one.

That is when AI content tools come into the picture. AI content generation has been around for decades, but it’s not something that will replace humans. Thanks to the advancement of technology, machines can now produce good quality content. We asked an AI tool to write a blog post for us to check how meaningful it can be. The results were surprising. Check for yourself how it turned out.

AI cannot capture emotions and thoughts in an interesting way as humans can. This means people should still have jobs in this industry because they won’t be replaced by robots anytime soon.

There are hundreds of AI Content Generation tools available in the market that can write blogs, ad copies, landing pages, product descriptions, etc. We wrote a comparison blog discussing the features, pros, and cons of various tools. Artificial intelligence will continue to expand the input words into creative, interesting, and engaging sentences as long as people keep pushing their boundaries!

Content Curation and Recommendation

We are all familiar with the now-commonplace “If you liked this, you might also like…” content recommendations at the end of many articles on the web. What many people don’t realize is that these recommendations are based on deep learning and other AI, where machines analyze large chunks of data about people’s behavior on the web to determine what they’re most likely to want to do next.


As marketing channels proliferate, marketers need a way to manage those interactions cost-effectively. Many marketers use chatbots – or artificial intelligence that are able to interact with humans – to answer routine questions, assist with purchases, book travel, and much more.

Ad targeting

Sites like Google and Facebook use bits of code to track website visitors and target ads accordingly. Most marketers agree that the process is clunky and difficult to use. Google is now beginning to experiment with a new AI technology called recurrent neural networks (RNN) that is capable of “remembering” bits of information for short periods, potentially eliminating the need for specialized ad targeting code in the near future.

Marketing automation

AI automates your marketing efforts. Marketing automation uses AI to engage customers, analyze their behavior, and deliver tailored content to move them through the sales cycle, whether by recommending content, engaging with them across platforms, or tailoring email campaigns.

Image optimization

Companies spend tens of thousands of dollars on campaigns each year. Ensuring you’re deploying a creative that will do well is paramount to getting your money’s worth. But why guess when you can back your images with data. One of CrowdTamers’ clients, has developed a cool AI image optimization tool that simulates the attention of thousands of people and tells you what design will work and what won’t, based on AI dark sorcery.

Instead of A/B testing your images in campaigns, you can use Hippoc to see which image will get the most impressions and engagement and save yourself thousands of money and hours.

Dynamic pricing

One of CrowdTamers’ other clients, helps eCommerce stores to use smart pricing to set sale prices and grow their revenue. Instead of guessing the best prices to put for promotion, you can use AI tools like dcyd, which analyzes your e-commerce data and instantly tells you what sale pricing will yield the most profits—in real-time!

AI is now everywhere. But it lacks a “human” touch. It needs someone to deliver quality work. AI can help your organization reach its potential. After all, every organization wants to grow the top line, and AI can be instrumental in this journey.

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